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Welcome to our online community. Please choose from one of the forums below or log-in to your user account to start using this service. In addition, there are several online mailing lists to serve the needs of the Pitney Bowes Software community. On the lists, you’ll see everything from tech tips, to conferences, to new product information.

These forums have been provided to promote the exchange of ideas, tips and suggestions pertaining to our products. To help ensure an open exchange of technical information, please review the forum Guidelines below. Thank you for your interest and participation in our discussion forums.

Pitney Bowes Software / MapInfo Forum

An online discussion forum for MapInfo product users and developers.

Pitney Bowes Software / Group 1 Software Forum

An online discussion forum for Group 1 Software product users and developers.

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Forum participants should not post messages containing offensive language, advertising or solicitations. Pitney Bowes Software reserves the right to remove documents which are deemed to be inappropriate. Unless explicitly stated, these forums are unmoderated, however Pitney Bowes Software personnel may monitor these areas to ensure accuracy of information and provide assistance to users when necessary. While under no obligation to do so, PB Software personnel may voluntarily contribute to existing threads, or initiate new threads of discussion. Thanks again for your interest and participation!

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