Streamweaver for TransPromo & Transactional Communications

An advanced print stream engineering tool that modifies documents without disrupting systems or operations

Enhance and Modify Print Streams On The Fly

Locked inside your business application print streams are opportunities to strengthen customer relationships, maximise postal savings, optimise revenue potential, and boost the timeliness, accuracy and efficiency of your paper and digital document production. To unlock these opportunities you need to control your active print streams, a task that until recently, has been difficult or impossible. Fortunately, there’s StreamWeaver®, the powerful software tool that lets you easily enhance and modify print-ready files on the fly — without disrupting operations.

The StreamWeaver print stream engineering tool from Pitney Bowes Software is a distributed output management solution that facilitates the most advanced distribution strategies for both hard copy printing and digital documents, so you can quickly respond to new opportunities and ever-changing business requirements.

StreamWeaver works with the print-ready files created by your existing applications, so you can achieve high-quality, high-speed implementation of Intelligent Mail® barcoding and file-based processing, postal automation, document consolidation and effective personalisation and target marketing. It can handle a variety of challenges typical to high-volume document production environments. From integration with external programs to custom programming logic, StreamWeaver offers solutions for all your print stream needs.

Create and Leverage More Intelligent Documents

StreamWeaver’s document and data control functionality runs on all major business computing platforms and operating systems to help you create highly intelligent customer documents and make better use of customer data.

StreamWeaver allows users to:

  • Quickly and easily manipulate and alter documents and print streams to leverage the most efficient print, mail and digital delivery options
  • Access data from external files and databases to enhance documents in a print file or to control processing logic for maximum efficiency 
  • Extract document data to create reports and produce data files for new applications 
  • Capture print stream attributes like page counts, data within each document, addresses and barcode information for data analysis 
  • Comply with mail barcode requirements to maximise postal discounts.

Unlock the Profits In Your Print Stream

  • Reduce programming costs when making document production changes
  • Enhance existing and new applications for greater value in customer communications 
  • Optimise quality assurance and brand consistency
  • Ensure flexibility to meet present and future needs 
  • Save time and money with easy integration

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Case Study: Bank of Montreal Bolsters Statement Processing with StreamWeaver

Read how StreamWeaver print stream engineering helped the Bank of Montreal Financial Group lowers costs, speed processing and improve service.

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Built for Advanced Engineering and Everyday Control

StreamWeaver helps you boost print stream performance by running applications built in StreamWeaver’s programming syntax, which is designed to work with most popular business document formats. StreamWeaver features two development tools – and the flexibility to use one or both. Visual Engineer is for analysis, development and testing and can be used by developers who need to work directly with StreamWeaver’s programming language. IT and production staffs can analyse print streams, as well as develop and test applications to produce modified print streams. Visual Engineer Plus contains AFP and Metacode WYSIWYG viewers.

Leverage StreamWeaver’s Integrated Solutions

  • Save on postage and deliver more mail with Data Quality and Mailing Efficiency solutions that receive and assemble all print streams for data hygiene and/or postal processing.
  • Facilitate internal customer support and external customer self-service by integrating e-Billing and Account Management solutions – for e-presentment, e-payment, archiving, OAM and e-service technologies – all in a comprehensive, modular solution. 
  • Consolidate mail piece tracking throughout document production, all the way through the delivery process – even inbound customer responses. 
  • StreamWeaver’s versatility extends beyond IT and document production to areas like marketing, legal, call centers, fulfillment, to name just a few.

Improve Efficiency With Centralised Postal Automation

Apply postal automation to all mailings at a central point, to maximise your postal savings. Control postal costs and meet changing USPS® requirements for converting from Postnet to Intellignet Mail® barcodes. Integrate your print stream with other applications – for quality assurance and improved mail delivery without extensive programming changes.

Reduce Printing and Mailing Costs

Increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining the document creation and distribution processes. With StreamWeaver’s Document Consolidation application, you can eliminate unnecessary paper and postage by migrating from simplex to duplex/N-up printing. StreamWeaver can even match documents with the same destination, and combine them into a single envelope. The net result is higher postal discounts, increased mail deliverability and fewer expenses related to returned mail.

Create More Effective Communications

Improve targeted and customised customer communications with one-to-one messaging and selective inserting. This increases your response rate while reducing production costs through more effective targeting. You can also extract and present print stream data in electronic document formats–providing your customers with an enhanced website experience.

A Smarter Use of IT Resources

StreamWeaver’s powerful development environment allows changes to be made without affecting existing business applications. That means you can deliver time and cost savings with fewer IT resources needed.

StreamWeaver Platform and Architecture

StreamWeaver applications are built using the StreamWeaver programming language, which includes “control” information for standard processing and “rules” for exception processing. All StreamWeaver application code is portable across different platforms. The StreamWeaver Visual Engineer, a powerful GUI, based tool, runs on Windows and allows WYSIWYG modification of existing documents and allows comparison of before and after applications. The StreamWeaver Engine runs on Mainframe, Windows® systems, Unix® and Linux.

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