Encom Discover

The GIS package of choice

The GIS package of choice for data collection, analysis, integration, modelling and visualisation.

The Right Software for the Job!

Since its first release in 1994 as the premier GIS package for geoscientists, Encom Discover with MapInfo Professional has maintained the mantle of GIS of choice for Natural Resources businesses. Developed by a dedicated team of practicing geoscientists and software engineers with skills in geology, geophysics, groundwater, petroleum, coal, gas and engineering, Encom Discover integrates data from multiple sources, in a unified geospatial environment, and provides specialists with leading-edge tools in a powerful, yet easy-to-use, framework.

More than in any other industry, Natural Resources businesses rely on their technical data to successfully locate, evaluate, and develop their primary assets. And they spend a lot of money to acquire this business-critical data. So make sure that you get the full value from your investment by using the right software!

Unlock the Power of MapInfo Professional

Encom Discover unlocks the power of MapInfo Professional for geologists and other geoscience professionals. Combined, Encom Discover and MapInfo Professional deliver a perfect balance of general-purpose GIS functionality and specialised geoscience capabilities, including:


The analysis and examination of geochemical and structural datasets can add significant value to your data. Our analytical tools are state-of-the-art, capable of revealing trends and associations that would not otherwise be apparent with traditional methods of analysis. Encom Discover provides an extensive range of statistical, geostatistical, graphical, modelling, and visualisation tools that recognise trends and anomalies in multi-variate data acquired from multiple sources. And just as importantly, Encom Discover assists in the identification and elimination of false anomalies that can arise from sampling and assaying errors or geological bias.


Encom Discover provides a comprehensive set of surface gridding tools suitable for modelling, contouring, and visualising any type of data from geochemical, geophysical, hydrogeological, meteorological, topographic, chemical, and environmental surveys. Choose from the wide selection of gridding algorithms to create surface models from located point, line and region values. The resulting grid values can be queried and modified with a versatile collection of transformation tools. Compute curvature, slope, aspect, volumes, and other surface properties, or use the versatile grid calculator to derive values from user-defined expressions.


Accurately and efficiently capture spatial information from historical maps for the evaluation of sampling data, grid creation, or to enhance maps and sections. Encom Discover’s sophisticated digitising and object editing tools ensure users maximise the value of all forms of data, both electronic and physical.


Make professional maps of any size and scale incorporating all related spatial data objects, filtered and sun-shaded grids, contours, graphics overlays, geo-located raster images, structural symbols, legends, graphs, tables, scale bars, and other mapping objects.


A rich set of productivity tools enhance the experience of MapInfo users, plus some specialised utilities for geoscientists. This enhanced set of layer, window, table, and data tools comprises a multitude of short-cuts and useful new functions which make complex and repetitive tasks easy to perform.


The feature-packed Drillhole module enables the visualisation and performance of detailed analyses of drillholes and costeans in cross-sections and plans. The true spatial context of all data is maintained, which allows the overlay of all other real-world GIS data. This might include geophysical modelling, geological and regolith mapping, interpolated geochemical surfaces, and topographic grids.

NOTICE: Because we offer many custom solutions, it is our policy not to post pricing on our website. Please contact our knowledgeable staff to select and price products that fit your organisation's budget, number of users, IT environment, data requirements, support and training needs. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Customised for Geoscience Applications

With its extensive range of customised features and capabilities Encom Discover for MapInfo Professional is the preferred GIS package for geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers and database administrators.

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Encom Discover Encom Discover Encom Discover

Encom Disovers Features Allow Users To:

  • Build geological datasets
  • Produce high-quality scaled geological maps, with titleblocks, map grids, legends, structural symbols, etc
  • Compile drillhole data and create cross-sections, plans and logs
  • Create, filter, contour, profile, manipulate, colour and analyse gridded surfaces
  • Analyse and visualise geochemical data
  • Rectify unprojected raster images
  • Create graphs with maintained spatial links for interactive analysis
  • Enhance your GIS productivity via an extensive range of data, object, table and map windows utilities
  • Connect to other geological systems, databases and file formats
  • Control the MapInfo Professional workspace with a real-time, enhanced layer control
  • Produce exploration tenement applications (Australia only)
  • Optionally display your GIS data in 3D (Discover 3D)
  • Integrate with a field GIS (Discover Mobile)

Encom Discover 11.1 requires MapInfo Professional 8.5 to 10.0.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows® Vista (Service Pack 1, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows® XP Professional (Service Pack 2)

Minimum Processor Requirement:

Pentium 4 Series or equivalent CPU Processor

Minimum Memory Requirements


512MB memory

Minimum Graphics Requirements


A monitor of at least SVGA capability (1024 x 768 resolution)

Minimum Disk Space


120MB free space (+80MB for tutorial data)

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese